Terms & Conditions

About YouSave

YouSave is an independent website offering price comparison services to consumers for a range of insurance, utilities and financial products.

All policies and products shown on our website are offered by third party companies. We provide links to third party websites to offer our customers an easy, user-friendly online experience.

For the purpose of the below Terms and Conditions, “we”, “us” and “our” refer to YouSave, which is part of Omnis Media Limited. “You” refers to the customer/website user.

About our comparison services

YouSave provides consumers with price comparison services. We gather information from a range of providers and have no affiliation to any of the companies listed.

It’s free for consumers to use YouSave – we simply earn a commission from third party lenders and insurers if you go ahead and purchase their product.

We’ve collated the information you find on YouSave to help you make the best choice for your insurance, utilities, finance and other products.

By presenting you with a handpicked selection of deals – which we believe represents the best value on the market – we help our customers make smart and sensible choices about their household, lifestyle and financial spending.

We generate quotes based on information submitted by customers. We always offer you unbiased information to help you find the right products for you, and we never offer advice on which of the options you should choose.

When you see a price quoted on YouSave, this includes Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) – a government levy on insurance premiums – where relevant.

Using our website

Please ensure you enter accurate details into our website when searching for quotes. This enables us to find you the best products for your needs. Entering incorrect information could result in a policy later becoming void or unable to cover you for your requirements.

YouSave is available to UK residents only and should only be used for personal purposes.

Users of this website agree to comply with the terms and conditions stated here. You agree not to use any of the information found on this website on another website. Failure to comply with these terms could result in website users being subjected to legal action.

We reserve the right to change or update these terms and conditions at any time – you will always find the most updated version of our terms and conditions here.

When you use YouSave to take out a policy with a third party insurance or finance provider, you must read and absorb their terms and conditions, too. YouSave selects trusted third party companies to display on this website, but when taking out a policy with a third party the product is subject to the company’s own terms and conditions.


Using third party websites

Searching for quotes on YouSave will generate a selection of policies and products from third party companies. Users can follow links from this site to third party websites in order to purchase a policy or product displayed on YouSave.

All links to third party websites are displayed to enable users to enjoy an easy online experience. We do not display links to show affiliation with any third party companies, as we are a wholly independent and impartial comparison site.

Please ensure you read the terms and conditions displayed on third party websites before purchasing a policy or product, to understand your rights and responsibilities.

YouSave conducts regular assessments to confirm third party lenders and insurers displayed on this website are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. If you wish to verify this for yourself, you can check the Financial Conduct Authority website and search by company name.

Making a complaint

We always endeavour to provide YouSave customers with a premium service. However, if you do have a complaint about our service, please email us.

If you wish to place a complaint about any of the products or policies purchased as a result of a search on this website, please contact your insurer or lender directly to resolve it, as YouSave is not responsible for their services.

Our responsibilities

It is our responsibility to provide users with accurate, up-to-date prices for a range of insurance and financial products. While we always aim to offer a high quality online experience to our customers, we cannot be held responsible for any technical issues you encounter while using the website, such as viruses.

Where we list independent customer reviews on this website, we are not responsible for the content of such reviews, as these are real comments left by genuine customers.

Our agreement

YouSave agrees to provide the price comparison services listed here. These terms and conditions act as an agreement between us and you, the customer. In the event of a disagreement occurring as a result of any element on these terms and conditions, English law shall be enforced to both parties to resolve the dispute.